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About Us

Hi, I'm Emma Bergsten, the owner and operator of E-Side Thai Cuisine, and this is my E-Side story. 


The love of food carts is what brought me to owning E-Side Thai in 2013. My family and I had sampled lots of Thai foods carts in Portland and E-Side Thai happened to be our favorite, time and time again, and in our opinion, the best. 

There are certain experiences you would only come to know when you join the food cart life. The sense of community that you feel is incomparable, meeting new people and getting to know their stories is the cherry on top of getting to do something I love.

E-Side Thai aims to change the way people think about Thai food. Thai food isn't generally thought of as healthy but at E-Side Thai we cook with fresh ingredients and lots of vegetables to combat that idea. Being health conscious along with balancing salty and spicy flavors in our signature sauces are what help E-Side Thai stand out from the rest. 


I'm not a professional chef but I can still express my passion of cooking in my food, just in a homemade way, but sometimes, homemade is better. My goal is to serve healthy, Authentic Thai dishes to my customers as if they were eating in my home.


Thank you for reading my story and we hope to see you soon.

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